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"Deep Clean - De-Grease - De-Scale - Installation - Repairs"

Commercial catering environments such as Hotel Kitchens, Restaurants, School Canteens and other food preparation areas, must adhere to stringent local and international legislation governing the maintenance of these hygienic standards. Our comprehensive commercial kitchen deep cleaning service offers the following benefits: 

1. Increased hygiene (which discourages the breeding of rats, roaches and other flying/crawling insects)

2. Increased efficiency ( to use significantly less electricity) and extended equipment life (Less mal-functions, break-downs and less repairs)

3. Reduced fire risk

4. Compliance with local government food hygiene and kitchen safety regulations

Failure to meet these hygienic standards can lead to severe penalties that can have a negative effect on profitability, operations, as well as on the reputation of the business. In addition, poor cleaning procedures can lead to bacterial contamination of food and utensils, spread of diseases, pest infestations (rats, cockroaches and bugs) and reduced equipment life, which will give a negative return on investments made on the equipment. Regular deep kitchen cleaning is one of the simplest way that restaurateurs can take control of the cleanliness of their commercial environment, and ensure the best possible standards are upheld for your customers.


  • Flat Grills
  • Gas Ranges
  • Deep Fryers
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Extractor Fan
  • Hand Breader
  • Food Warmers
  • Display Warmers
  • Industrial Stoves
  • Food Display Case
  • Convection Ovens
  • Fresh Air Intake Fan
  • Exhaust Canopy / Hood

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