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We Introduce to you Cold Air Refrigeration & Kitchen Maintenance Ltd, a Locally Owned Service Driven Organization, that is poised to become, the Leading Provider of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Kitchen Maintenance Services Across the Island. Our Seasoned Technicians have Experience Needed to Quickly Diagnose and Resolve the Most Complex Air Conditioning /Refrigeration and Kitchen Equipment Issues, in Order to Minimize your Equipment’s Downtime.


To be the Standard of Excellence for Providing Islandwide Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Kitchen Maintenance Services worldwide. 


⦁    Cold Air Refrigeration And Kitchen Maintenance Limited is a world class Refrigeration and Kitchen Maintenance Company.  We provide the most highly trained, proficient refrigeration and kitchen maintenance technicians to serve our customers’ needs. 

⦁    We do this with Honesty, Integrity, and World Class Service.  We are known by our Customers for Cost Efficiency, Fast Response, Reliably Accurate Repairs and Excellent Customer Service. We offer the best Emergency Responding service to all our markets.  We are the first choice to all our customers as we Exceed Expectations and Gain Trust through Exceptional Performance.  

⦁    We Improve The Quality of life of our Employees and Motivate and Inspire Employee their Commitment.  We Demonstrate  that the Long Lasting Success of the Company is also the Long Lasting Success of our Employees.

⦁    We are Dedicated to Reducing Injuries, Accidents and Environmental Impact, and Ensuring Compliance with allAppropriate Safety Standards.  We Achieve this by Providing High Quality Training, Workplace Evaluation and Hazardous Materials Management.

⦁    We have Constant Innovation, Expert Engineering and Creative Solutions for the challenges the Equipment of our Customers Pose.

⦁    We add Value to our Services by Providing Legendary Customer Service, Through our Uncompromising Commitment to Customer Satisfaction on a Local, Regional and Global Level.

⦁    We Employ Repair Methods that Reduces the Environmental Impact of Hazardous Materials

⦁    We are Obligated to Doing What is Just, Right and Fair. We Avoid Harm.

⦁    We are Good Corporate Citizens, who Contribute to the Development of our Communities.

Visit Office #5 & #6, 127 Hagley Park Road Kingston, Jamaica.

Tel:.(876) 649-8495
Tel: (876) 649-0130

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