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Features & Benefits


  • Servicing Can Be Done During the Days, Weekends or Nights If Desired, at no extra cost.

  • Servicing Will Be Automatically Scheduled And Done Three (3) Months Apart , Four (4) Times During Your Contract Period, On The Day And At The Time Of Your Choosing.

  • This Maintenance Agreement Will Significantly Reduce Equipment Break-Down and Repairs Needed. It Will Also Extent The Life of Your Equipment and Enable It To Operate More Efficiently and Use Less Energy.

  • Our 16-Point Air Conditioner Servicing Method, Is the Most Thorough In The Industry.
  • Alkaline Based Cleaning Agents That Are Non-Irritants And Non-Acidic.

  • Technicians will Remain Onsite Until Shift Supervisor Confirms That All Kitchen Equipment Freshly Serviced, Are Fully Functional Before they Leave Restaurant Or Kitchen.

  • An Equipment Status Report Outlining Equipment’s Condition and Up-Coming Issues, will be Provided For Each Equipment Serviced.

  • At The End of One Year Contract, An “End-Of-Year Expense Report” will Be Provided, Identifying Each Equipment and its Repair Expenses For The Period, For Your Comparison And Analysis.

  • Contract Duration: 1-Year

  • Pricing Will Be Locked For Duration of Contract Period.

  • Discounted Prices Apply To A Minimum 10 Equipment From Our Combined List Above, Eg: 5 Kitchen Equipment + 4 Air Conditioners + 1 Freezer.

  • Invoices Must Be Paid Within 7 Days

  • GCT Applies To All Prices Quoted

  • Limited Discounted Service Contracts Available. A Confirmation Email Will Be Sent To You, Upon Confirmation Of Contact Activation.

  • Prices Quoted for Servicing of Air Conditioners/Refrigeration Equipment includes the Cost of Cleaning Agents

  • Prices Quoted for the Servicing of Kitchen Equipment Does Not Include Cost Of Cleaning Agents. This will be calculated based on Number of Equipment Being Serviced.

  • Travelling Expenses will be Quoted Based on Location of Equipment.


Visit Office #5 & #6, 127 Hagley Park Road Kingston, Jamaica.

Tel:.(876) 649-8495
Tel: (876) 649-0130

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